FUNGO is a signature, custom line of mushroom tinctures made form Psilocybin concentrate. The strain of Mushrooms used is Psilocybe Cubensis. Currently we are carrying 7 different kind of tinctures with the equivalent of 10 grams of dried mushroom in each bottle. We will be offering 7 and 14 gram bottles shortly. Using a tincture delivery system allows for consistant delivery system for anyone who wants to micro-dose or just have good time. No more “OMG I am to high!!” or “When is it going to hit me? Should we I more?” One 1 ml dropper works out to 1/3 of a gram. Fell the effects in 30-45 min. With the Fungo concentrate you get none of that “Mushroom Gut” you get from traditional mushrooms or caps that are only filled with grinded-up mushrooms. We offer a verity of flavors. Our Original FUNGO tincture made from “Grain Alcohol” or also known as Canadian Club. A Local favorite ;) They also come in Gray Goose Vodka, Makers Mark Bourbon, Tanqura Gin and Vaillia Extract. For People who don't want any Alcohol, we offer Maple Water, Coconut Water and soon to come Green Tea.